Meet our committee

Our management committee comprises of up to 15 members, consisting of five office bearers and 10 ordinary members. Currently the committee meets in Adelaide for a full day meeting twice per school term. Representatives from the committee participate in departmental meetings and consultative groups in addition to sub-committees formed to meet our strategic directions. All members of the committee highly value representing our members and are elected for a two-year term.

Julie Heddle - President; Operations

Julie has worked in education since 2001, holding positions in area, primary and secondary schooling. Her roles have been extensive and include curriculum support, reception, finance and administration. Julie has been on our committee since 2010 and has been pivotal in providing future focussed leadership, strategic directions and guiding partnerships to provide an authentic and influential voice for our members at national, state and corporate level.
Julie is passionate and committed to ensuring the workforce responsible for administrative, financial leadership and management are recognised, valued and listened to. Julie has been the business manager at Playford International College since 2014.

Chris Plummer - Vice President; Convenor Marketing and Membership

After attending so many excellent events provided by SASSAOA Chris decided it was time to help share the workload and joined the committee in 2016. In her role as vice president for secondary schools Chris is part of the executive team that meets once per term with
department leaders to discuss issues that relate to SASSAOA’s members. From time to time Chris has been one of SASSAOA's delegates that meets with department leaders to discuss managing under performance and environmental issues. In 2019 Chris was a delegate of the departments funding stakeholders committee which has looked at 2020 funding reform options. Chris also convenes the media and marketing committee.

Tracey Aberle - Secretary; Convenor Operations

Tracey has worked with the SASSAOA management committee since 2016, most recently as Secretary, and has 11 years’ leadership experience in both primary and secondary settings. Tracey is an advocate for relevant professional learning that builds capacity of members, successfully piloting and completing the Graduate Certificate in Education Business Leadership through Deakin University, and recently commenced a Masters degree. As a committee member, Tracey is passionate and vocal about mentoring aspiring leaders, system-wide innovation and reform, and empowering our profession and its changing demands as a crucial component of leadership teams.

Ibi Kanellos - Convenor Professional Development and Events

Ibi has worked in both primary and secondary schools since 2000. She has been a member of SASSAOA since 2006 and a committee member since 2009. In 2015 Ibi was appointed as a life member of SASSAOA. Ibi chairs the professional development and events committee which organises the leaders’ day, annual conference and seminar day. She is passionate about providing relevant and significant professional development opportunities for SSO’s state-wide.

Elizabeth Golding - Convenor Operations; Marketing and Membership

Elizabeth has been working for the department since 1993 in a variety of roles from junior primary to high schools and small primary to larger dual campus high schools. Elizabeth has been on the committee since 2012 and enjoys working with likeminded colleagues who are enthusiastic and progressive in their thinking. She brings a country perspective to the committee ensuring relevant issues are discussed and if needed taken by the
executive committee to the department. Elizabeth is passionate about the roles of all ancillary staff in schools and believes that their talents and skills are valuable to all students.

Julie Collings-Wells - Treasurer; Professional Development and Events

Julie has worked in a secondary school since 2003 originally as finance manager and since 2016 as business manager. She has been a member of SASSAOA since 2005 and became a member of the SASSAOA management committee in 2017. Julie is a member of the professional development and events committee which organise leader’s day, annual conference and seminar day. She is passionate about contributing towards continuous improvement provided to other members and colleagues in administrative and financial management roles within the association via professional development opportunities.

Corina Fielding - Professional Development and Events

Corina has worked in schools since 1983 and has been a business manager since 2003. She has been a member of the SASSAOA Committee since 2005 and was awarded life membership in 2015. Corina is passionate about providing opportunities for all SSOs and supporting them with the most up to date administrative, financial and HR processes available to realise their full potential and equity in their roles.

Sue Ruciack - Operations; ASBLA

Sue has been Business Manager at Golden Grove High School for the past 17 years and have been a member of SASSAOA for 18 years. Sue has been on the management committee for 16 years and during that period was President for 4 years. She is also a Life Member of the Association. Sue has been on many DfE steering committees over that period of time including as a member of the EMS Reference group since 2014. Sue is part of the committee to provide insight and advocate for her peers in all aspects of their roles and to ensure that our voices are heard within the Department for Education.

Wendy Hayes - Marketing and Membership

Wendy started working in schools in 1997 and commenced her first role as a business manager in 2001. She has worked in primary, secondary and now an area school, predominantly in country South Australia. Wendy is passionate about raising the profile of our state wide association, bringing business leaders together in quality professional development opportunities and networking with peers across the state. She is part of the marketing & media committee and her role this past year has been overseeing the smooth transition of the association’s new website, including assisting people with membership, chatline and other website functions. Wendy is excited about the future direction of schools, witnessing the updating of school facilities across the state, as well contributing to a world class public education system and great learning outcomes for students.

Denise Butcher - Professional Development and Events; Finance

Denise has worked for the Department for Education since 2003 at a variety of sized schools in a finance position. Since leaving school she worked in a range of industries from motor to hardware, engineering and electrical contracting. Denise is passionate about her role with SASSAOA as a member of the finance and professional development committee and attends the executive committee as the finance representative.

Jayne Lewis - Finance

Jayne commenced work in the school system in 2003 and has worked in a variety of SSO roles. She has been the business manager at Birdwood High School since 2009. Jayne joined the committee in 2017 and is part of our finance committee. Over the last two years Jayne has represented SASSAOA
at various department work groups and panels. She is passionate about advocating the value of support staff within our schools.

Pieta-Jane (PJ) Willmott - Professional Development and Events

Being a member of SASSAOA for a number of years, I have found the Association is extremely personally rewarding, enhancing my knowledge and commitment working for the Department for Education. Having a background working in finance for over 10 years with the knowledge and experience of a diverse range of Primary Schools, currently working at Burnside Primary school with over 800 students, I look forward to the growth and innovation involved whilst working alongside such a collaborative group.

Marisa Camillos

Marisa has worked for the Department for Education since 2011, working in finance at various primary and secondary schools. Previous work experience includes 13 years as a credit manager in Adelaide and Sydney. She strives for continuous improvement and is an advocate for change management. Marisa believes all staff should have access to professional development, and strongly supports staff in their continuous improvement journey.

Judi Warrick - Marketing and Membership

Judi has worked at Loxton Primary School since 2003. She has an extensive knowledge of various ancillary roles having worked in the Resource Centre, part of the curriculum team working with students, in the front office and administration area before taking on the role of Business Manager/Finance Officer in 2004. Judi has also had experience working at a metropolitan high school in a Special Interest Music Centre undertaking a promotional role. As a new member on the SASSAOA Committee Judi is excited to represent Country Primary Schools and is passionate about positive team building, recognition of Support Staff with a focus on continuous improvement and professional development.