The Association was first formed as a result of a group of then ‘Bursars’ getting together and sharing their ideas. The decision to form the SA State High School Bursars Association was formalised at a meeting at Adelaide High School in 1974.

Education 1970

The first President was the late Jim Baker, originally located at Salisbury High School.

A subsequent change of title of Bursar to Administrative Officer meant a change of title for the Association in 1992 — it was renamed State High School Administrative Officers Association.

This professional organisation provided a network for training and development, addressed issues relating to administration and general running of schools and worked collaboratively with the then SA Education Department.

The name of the Association was changed again at the 1997 Conference (following a vote of all financial members) to the State Secondary School Administrative Officers Association. This was done to acknowledge that many SSOs in schools with a secondary component, such as Area Schools, carry out the duties of Administrative Officers, and thus are entitled to join a professional Association which provides fellowship and training and development for its members.

Again, after a vote of financial members in 2003, the Association changed its Constitution and name to allow all administrative and financial officers working in any SA State School (Secondary, Primary, Area, Special) to become a member . The new name became the SA State School Administrative Officers Association. The Association also became an incorporated body at this time.

At its Annual General Meeting in 2010, financial members voted to update the Association Constitution.